Asking the Professionals…

For this blog post I decided to go beyond Google and ask some SLP’s first hand about their experience with technology in the field. To do this, I went on twitter and Facebook and connected with SLP’s and asked them how they each use technology in their work place.

I connected with two people on Twitter and each of them use technology in their everyday therapy sessions.  In particular, Apple I-Pad apps. Both of them highly suggested looking at the pocket SLP website and checking out all of their apps and blog posts.  Some of the apps that they love are:

1. Describe it:


Describe It is the latest by Pocket SLP developed to increase children’s semantic language skills. It works to provide children a framework of reference to describe words/objects

2. Articulation Station Pro


Articulation Station Pro by Little Be Station, is designed to help children, as well as adults, learn to speak and pronounce their sounds more clearly – offering practice at the word, sentence and story levels.

3. Phonics Studio


23. Phonics Studio, by Grasshopper apps, makes learning how to pronounce words fun and easy. Mastering pronunciation, your students will also greatly expand their existing vocabulary since the app comes fully loaded with over 2,500 gorgeous flash cards.

My Twitter friends were more then helpful when it came to tips and suggestions on the apps they love and how to use them in therapy sessions.  In addition, they allowed me to see first hand how using technology to connect with others in social media can be so beneficial and rewarding.  There are so many people out their who want to help, answer your questions, or share their ideas with you.  So why let all of those resources go to waste!

In addition to my new twitter friends that I made, I also made some Facebook connections. I do have to say it was a little harder to find other SLP’s to connect with on Facebook.  I am not sure why, but it took me longer to post the question and get an answer.  After posting on three SLP group pages and posting a status, I finally got a response to my question of how they use technology in their workplace.

She explained to me how much she loved technology and how important it is to stay on top of it due to the change in the way things are taught.  As time will tell, technology is only growing more and more everyday. This generation is filled with students who are only engaged if it involves an ‘I-something’ she explained to me. Therefore, she uses many apps in her therapy sessions and has a Facebook and Twitter to stay connected with all of the students parents. She is able to give tips to the parents on how they can help their child outside class, and tweet about current events in SLP.  Overall, she loves technology and all it has to offer.

If I had to sum up my research on the use of technology in SLP, I would say that many individuals take full advantage of technology and all of the resources it provides to them to help them excel in their profession.  Technology is always changing, and one of the responsibilities of working with others is being able to keep up with it.  Student learning is ever changing, and if you do not hop on board current technology available, the student will never be as engaged as they could.



One thought on “Asking the Professionals…

  1. It amazes me how much technology has changed the way we communicate and do things today. Technology has obviously helped people in the education field and it is so helpful for speech therapists! I thought it was very helpful and interesting that you got first hand information from speech therapists. Instead of just reading about something, you are talking about it and having conversations. This is the kind of blog I am going to be looking at as a speech therapist because I’m not good at technology and reading about things like this really help me. Twitter sounds like an awesome way to get connected with people that will help and you have inspired to do the same with my topic!

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