My 20% Project

Question: With the increased use of technology in the classrooms, how can speech language pathologist in the school setting jump on the bandwagon and use technology in their therapy sessions?

I am so excited for this 20% project and can not wait to explore how speech language pathologist can incorporate technology into their therapy sessions.  I chose this topic due to my interest in speech pathology in the school system.  I have noticed and read many articles about the rapid increase of technology based learning in the classroom.  That got me thinking…what about other classes in the school like special education, speech, physical education, etc. How do they jump on board and also incorporate technology?  I hope to learn as much as I can about SLP (speech-language pathology) based technology and then inform all of my readers about my favorite finds :). I Hope you enjoy reading my entries as much as I had writing them!

To start off my research, I decided to google ‘technology in SLP’ and after skimming a few blogs I came across an awesome article that explored the topic of why incorporating technology in your classroom is important.  So I decided to take that article and use it to form my first topic of interest…

The importance of incorporating technology into your therapy sessions.

(Side note:  I like to find random pictures or cartoons that somewhat relate to the topic, or that I feel like you will get at good laugh at, so enjoy 🙂 )


(Okay so maybe it does not have to do with technology but I though it was funny)

So back to the question of the day…why is it important to incorporate technology into your therapy sessions.  School-based SLPs have a unique opportunity in that they have access to a growing number of children on their caseload with all different needs to be treated. The use of technology can aid in the efficiency of treatment of speech/language disorders by keeping the attention and motivation of the students.  Kids these days love technology and find it more fun and entertaining than listening to the teacher or filling out a worksheet.  Anything to keep the students engaged is worth giving a try. It is especially important for SLPs to keep an eye on the ever-growing technology because the technology that is devoted to speech and language development is just beginning. The amount of information out on the web in growing more and more everyday with tips, tricks, and ideas from other SLPs for you.  If this information is out there why not use it!

As a SLP, there are going to be times when you are stuck with how to help a student.  Maybe you can not seem to reach the student, or they have hit a plateau. More then likely you are going to be the only SLP in the school, so who are you going to go to for advice?  That is when the internet will be your new coworker. So many others SLPs have been/are in your situation and they have ideas and suggestions for you!

While technology has many benefits such as being able to engage students and allowing SLPs additional resources for extra help and ideas, technology itself can not be used solely alone to teach in therapy sessions.  Language is spoken, therefore the best way to learn speech is to do.


Next week we will explore the use of social networking.  More specifically, how having a Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc., can benefit the quality of your therapy sessions.


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